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Are Essential Oils safe for babies & toddlers?

Essential oils safe for kids and toddlers
At Oilogic, safety, quality, effectiveness, and trust are the most important pillars of our brand. We employ a number of tools and resources when producing safe Essential Oil blends that meet these standards and work well for babies and toddlers.

6 Safe Natural Ways to Soothe Your Fussy Baby

6 Safe Natural Ways to Soothe Your Fussy Baby
Getting your baby to stop crying or to go to sleep can be a daily struggle. Sleep-deprivation makes for a not-so-cheery baby AND parent! So what do you do? Alter her diet or routine? Try an ingestible drop or medicine? Black out her room with curtains (or if you’re even more desperate, aluminum foil!) Go bonkers and suffer through it? Before you go too far, check out the below tips that can help soothe your child, naturally. All of the methods below can help your little one and don’t use any chemicals or synthetic substances, so you can feel good about helping her relax and you can be the best parent you can be.

5 Summer Tips from Dr. Maura, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Maura Henninger, Naturopathic Doctor, offers 5 natural solutions to help your Baby or Toddler this summer.

A Natural Way To Soothe The Sniffles

Lifestyle expert, Tara Kraft, explains how to soothe stuffy noses and coughs in your baby or toddler, naturally.
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