How to Use

How To Soothe A Stuffy Nose or Cough

An easy way for Mom to use natural, 100% Pure Essential Oil blends to soothe her baby's cough or stuffy nose. 

How To Use Our Roll-On

How to Use Oilogic's 100% Pure Essential Oil Roll-ons to soothe your child naturally. Plus, a little more about us!

How To Comfort Ear & Tummy Troubles

How to use our New Ear & Tummy Essential Oil Roll-on to comfort your baby, including directions to the "I Love U" massage.

Help Baby Rest Better

How to use our Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Collection to create a natural, nighttime routine for baby!

How To Create A Natural, Nighttime Routine

Create A Natural Nighttime Routine For Baby and See What Else You Can Get Done. 

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