6 Safe Natural Ways to Soothe Your Fussy Baby

Getting your baby to stop crying or to go to sleep can be a daily struggle. Sleep-deprivation makes for a not-so-cheery baby AND parent! So what do you do? Alter her diet or routine? Try an ingestible drop or medicine? Black out her room with curtains (or if you’re even more desperate, aluminum foil!) Go bonkers and suffer through it? Before you go too far, check out the below tips that can help soothe your child, naturally. All of the methods below can help your little one and don’t use any chemicals or synthetic substances, so you can feel good about helping her relax and you can be the best parent you can be.


  1. Gently “shush, shush, shush” Your Baby  

    Naturally Soothe Baby

According to pediatrician Harvey Harper, the “shhh” mimics the sounds of your cozy, comfy womb, which can help calm and comfort your baby. If you’re hoping to help your baby stop crying and fussing, this will help your baby fall asleep.



Naturally Soothe Baby

  1. Strap on a Baby Carrier or Wrap

The warm close comfort of a baby sling is a surefire way to soothe your child, plus allows for comfortable breastfeeding. The Baby K’tan wrap has a unique, patented, double-loop design that functions as a sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet there is no wrapping or buckling involved; simply slip it on like a T-SHIRT in a few simple steps. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey!



  1. Set the mood with white noise 

    Naturally Soothe Baby

The truth is, babies don’t like silence. Going from a womb of consistent noise to the outside world can be overwhelming. A fan, or any machine with a consistent rushing sound (yes, even a washing machine) can have a soothing effect on your baby’s sleep. White noise machines with recordings of waves, rainfall or waterfalls also have a wonderful effect—for both you and your baby.


  1. Apply a Powerful Little Nature Potion, aka Essential Oil blend

Essential Oils are extracted from plants and flowers and have been utilized by people since ancient times. They have many soothing benefits, but you must make sure they are diluted and blended correctly and safely when using them on your little one. Make sure and do your research, or you can use essential oil products from Oilogic® who have done all the guesswork and research for you. Try Oilogic® Soothing Baby Essential Oil Blend by applying to the back of your child’s neck, chest and bottom of baby’s feet, to allow your child to breathe in relaxing vapors.


  1. Swaddle your baby 

    Naturally Soothe Fussy Baby

Swaddling soothes babies by providing the secure feeling they enjoyed before birth. Try the Baby K’tan® Newborn Swaddle & Toddler blanket made of an innovative, breathable stretch fabric. This breathability provides continuous airflow so your baby doesn’t overheat and wake up after falling asleep!




Naturally Soothe Fussy Baby

  1. Give your baby an ‘I Love You’ massage
    Some babies find stroking soothing, especially if they are having gas or tummy troubles—a very common thing your baby may feel. You can massage your baby with a natural essential oil blend like Oilogic’s Ear & Tummy Troubles. Apply a generous amount to her tummy and massage using the “I Love U” motion 3 times. (As seen below) Not only can this help your little one, it also is a great way to bond with your child. For video instructions, click HERE



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