Meet Our MomBassadors!

We are lucky enough to have a group of Moms, who are helping us tell the story of Oilogic®. We think these ladies are pretty neat, and we invite you to meet them and check out their social channels as well!


Abbigail Getty                                  Andrea Lahouze                              Brandy Hutcheson

Abbigail Getty Oilogic Mombassador                Andrea Lahouze Oilogic Mombassador                


Brenda Legaspi                               Brooke Kelly                                   Caitlin Malski

Brenda Legaspi               Brooke Kelly Oilogic Mombassador               Caitlin Malski


Ericka Polanco Webb                      Haylie Wells                                    Johanna Marmolejos

               Haylie Wells Oilogic Mombassador               Johanna Marmolejos 


Lourdes Amador                              Shelley Vielma

Lourdes Amador Oilogic Mombassador               Shelley Vielma Oilogic Mombassador