Essential Oils for Babies, Kids & Children – by Oilogic®

Oilogic® Essential Oil Care is the newest way to use Essential Oils to care for your baby, toddler or kiddo!

After all, Mommyhood has been called the "hardest job on earth", and we want to make it easier. So that is why we have developed concentrated 100% Pure Essential Oils blends. Made from the best essential oils on the planet. These essential oils have been diluted properly for your little tot, and packaged conveniently for busy Moms, like you and me!

100% Pure Essential Oil Blends for Kids, Toddlers & Babies

Oilogic Essential Oil blends are what we call "powerful lil' nature potions" – perfect for treating your little one. Once you experience their positive effects, you'll join us in saying OIL MY GOODNESS!

And now they’re available in stores near you!

"Powerful Lil' Nature Potions"

Essential Oils are pulled from plants and flowers – the essence of the plant which provides a therapeutic effect. Essential Oils have been used since Ancient Times to care for common troubles and are even mentioned in the Bible over 200 times! Whoa, baby!

Oilogic® Essential Oil Care always uses 100% Pure Essential Oils that are sourced from around the world. Each of our blends includes the right concentration of each powerful oil, diluted appropriately with a carrier oil, to create a safe, yet effective formula for your little love. ®

About Our Oils – For Babies, Kids, and Toddlers

(Don't Worry Mama Bear...we’ve tested these thoroughly!)

  • 100% Pure essential oils and contain NO Proteins
  • 26 different Essential Oils, sourced from over 13 countries!
  • Diluted blends to provide a safe, yet effective solution for your baby or toddler
  • Essential Oil Roll-ons and Ouchies & Boo Boo Ointment are MADE SAFE™ Certified (

We take great care in every product we make to ensure the best for our babes!

Buy Oilogic® Essential Oil Blends today!

Specific Oilogic® Essential Oil Blends For Your Little One

If your little one needs a little more comfort with issues like restful sleep, coughing, or an itchy bug bite, checkout our specially formulated (and safe) essential oil blends for those issues…

Essential Oils for Sleep - Essential Oils for Cough - Essential Oils for Relaxing - Essential Oils for Itchy Eyes - Essential Oils for Baths - Essential Oils for Bites - Essential Oils for Scrapes

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