#MomCrush Number 3 Is...

...Mrs. Jessi Ivie

Jessi was nominated by her friend, Mandy Bui, as her #MomCrush. She wrote to tell us that, "Jessi is a rock star! She's a full time physical therapist and a full time Mom to 3 beautiful and smart little girls! Jessi has been able to maintain an enviable work/life balance, and she is committed outside of work and family to her health (practicing yoga & running marathons!), and maintaining & supporting her friendships! Jessi's husband (who is a full time firefighter) volunteers at a camp for kids with burn injuries every year, which means Jessi commits to being a single parent for a whole week every summer, so her husband can continue to serve these deserving children at camp! Jessi is an inspiration to me and I hope to have as strong a relationship with my husband, kids & friends in my future!!".

Wow! Awesome! We are so glad to recognize you Jessi and the inspiration you are to your family and friends.

Because Jessi was chosen as our #MomCrush, she has won $100 to treat herself and $100 to the charity of her choice. Not surprisingly, Jessi chose Parklands Burn Camp for Children where her husband volunteers each summer. What an awesome organization to recognize, Jessi. 

We wanted to learn a little more about Jessi, so we asked her a few questions. We had so much fun getting to know her, and we know you will too!

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

3 daughters, Ryan Layne age 7, Emma Reese age 5, Pollyanna Jane age 16 months.

What's your favorite thing about being a Mom?

Watching my girls discover new things and seeing the world through their precious, innocent eyes. Their unconditional love and grace is the greatest gift.

Tell us about a recent Mom Fail

I showed up to kindergarten round up WITHOUT my kindergartner! I thought it was just for parents, so I had to run and grab her from her grandparents house! The worst part was my husband had tried to tell me that he thought it was for the kids too and I adamantly told him he was wrong......

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Dark beer and dark chocolate and watching the Bachelor.

Why did you pick the non-profit organization that you did?

My husband, Chris, has been a volunteer camp counselor at Parklands Burn Camp for children for over ten years and I have worked at Parkland for almost the same amount of time. I have gotten the privilege of working with many burn survivor children as their physical therapist and he has had the same privilege of getting to know these same kids and watching them grow over the years at camp each summer.  Parklands burn camp is free for any child who was burned and treated at Parkland and I know this money will go towards the continued success and life changing experiences this camp offers to children who have been burned.

What's the last thing you do every night before bed?

Read and pray

If you could invite anyone over to dinner, who would you choose?

From the living I would choose Michelle Obama.

From the deceased I would choose my grandmother, Pollyanna, who passed away when my own mother was only 7 years old and whom my youngest daughter is named after.

Give us 3 words that best describe you




If you could be a super-hero, what would be your superhero power?

To not need sleep! I want the power to not feel tired. I always have so much that I cram into my day that I sometimes sacrifice sleep.

What do you like to do to relax and/or waste time?

Read, run, practice yoga, have a beer on a patio with my husband.

If you had an extra 1 hour in your day, what would choose to do?

Sleep! Unless I had that superhero power to not need it any longer. 😉 

Congrats again, Jessi! We loved getting to know you and learning more about you. 

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