Why and How I Started to Use Essential Oils: My Personal Testimony

My first child had a bit of a rough journey coming into the world. Although fully developed and full-term, he spent the first five days of his life on a ventilator and the first seventeen days in the NICU. 

He’s completely healthy now, but I believe his rough start led to his being prone to sinus infections and coughing spells for the first several years. His coughing spells were the worst. We had more than our fair share of sleepless, cough-filled nights. 

As first-time parents, we were completely overwhelmed. Coupled with a lack of both sleep and confidence, we really struggled with worry, panic, and frustration during his first two years. It seemed like we were in the doctor’s office every few weeks, trying to get him help. We were often told it was viral, there was nothing they could give him, and use the humidifier to help him – a solution which seemed to do little if anything. 

After having tubes put in his ears – another solution that seemed to do little – we were told he had asthma. His doctor’s prescribed a nebulizer machine, to be used twice a day. 

For those of you without children suffering from asthma, a nebulizer is a drug delivery device put over the nose and mouth and breathed into. It emits oral steroids to open the airways and allow for easier breathing. 

Now, at this point in my life, I was far from what some would call a  healthy or “crunchy” mom. I hated Pinterest, never once attempted to make my own baby food, and felt fine feeding my kid microwaveable powdered mac and cheese for dinner.

But the amount of medication we were giving my very small child just didn’t feel right. And there were side effects from oral steroids like growth issues and hyperactivity. I hated feeding this little baby body so much hard medication.

Then a few of my work friends introduced me to Essential Oils. They told me how oils are extracted from plants – which sounded good – and the ways they used the oils to help their children with things like congestion. I was so desperate to help my baby I was ready to try anything.

They recommended I buy a starter kit from an online company. Even the steep price tag didn’t deter me from finding something that worked. And it certainly seemed less harsh than the hardcore medication I was giving my kiddo. 

Once I got the kit in the mail, I started down another rabbit hole, trying to figure out how best to use all of these oils. Apparently, you were supposed to mix certain oils together – but which ones and how much? And you were supposed to dilute them – but dilute them with what? Oh, and where were you supposed to do all of this work? In the kitchen, the bathroom – would I need a laboratory? It was more than this anti-DIY mom was used to! It seemed like it might be – gasp! – hard work.

I finally learned enough to create a blend recommended for the bathtub to help with congestion. I filled the tub with water, added the oil blend, and stuck my coughing kid in. 

Sure enough, his cough quickly slowed. His airways opened up and he was able to get some relief. After spending a good 45 minutes in the tub, I was so excited I decided to try the same blend on his chest before he went to bed. I swear, he seemed to sleep better that night than ever before.

And the best part, I felt comfortable and confident because I was using Essential Oils, a natural product of the earth, not a pharmaceutical company.

This story, along with a little luck and inspiration, put me on the path to create a brand focused on making Essential Oils easy to use on your child. I knew we had to create a collection of products that could help with a child’s cough as much as they had helped me. I knew there were others out there who could benefit from this natural option.

Hence, our Stuffy Nose & Cough collection was born! The Stuffy Nose & Cough collection includes a pre-mixed, pre-diluted blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils to help soothe and comfort your cough and cold symptoms. The Essential Oil blend includes Tea Tree Oil, Fir Needle Oil, Cypress Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Orange Oil and more. We now have four items in the collection to be used together or on their own – all formulated for babies 6 months+.

Here are some easy ways to use our Stuffy Nose & Cough collection.

1) When your child is sick, any time can be bath time! Simply pour in our Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Vapor Bath into the tub and let your child breath in the soothing vapors while sitting in the warm water.

2) Apply our Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Roll-on after the tub, or any time there isn’t a bathtub nearby. Just roll-on to your child’s chest, back of the neck – even the bottom of the feet. The oil absorbs into the skin and emits soothing vapors as your child moves through his day or sleeps through the night.

3) Diffuse our Stuffy Nose & Cough essential oil blend in the air of any room – playroom, bedroom, living room, etc. Diffusing this oil blend in the air will promote wellness and help keep your child comforted.

4) Finally, try our Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Epsom Salt Soak. You can use this product along with the Vapor Bath or on its own. The soothing properties of Epsom salt, which contains magnesium sulfate, will help your child absorb magnesium, while also breathing in the soothing vapors of the Essential Oil blend.

The Stuffy Nose & Cough collection is our most -popular, especially this time of the year. Not only does it gives your child relief. but it gives you the peace of mind that you’re helping your little one – without harsh chemicals or DIY guesswork. Mom can feel good, while her little one feels better.

Give our best-selling collection a try! To sweeten the deal, we’ll take 10% off our Stuffy Nose & Cough collection on our website with the promo code FEELBETTER.

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