There’s More Than One Way to Wear a Mask

Love it or hate it, it doesn’t look like the face mask is going away any time soon. So why not embrace it? Why not take advantage of all of the benefits of the mask? With virtually every color, fabric, shape, size, available, why not make it a part of your personal brand? 

And why not take advantage of the masks' many other practical uses? Apart from limiting the spread of COVID-19, here are a few Mask Hacks you can use in your daily life.

A Stinky Bathroom Filter

They say “big things come in small packages.” But as parents, we know “big stinks come from small children.” Never fear! Your face mask can restrict the paint-peeling toxic fumes your children frequently unload in your bathroom. And this also works with restrooms in the real world! From highway rest stops to outdoor music festival port-a-lets, your mask can keep you safe from fumes that are not of this earth.

Bad Breath Cover Upper 

Admit it, parents, there have been times when you’ve left your house in the morning to drop off your kid at school or grab something quickly from the store and without brushing your teeth. Well, the face mask can save you from polluting the earth with your morning breath. Now you can wave and say “Hi!” to your child’s teacher without knocking them off their feet. And it’ll work just as well for you, too, fans of liver and onions! (Note: this technique has its drawbacks, as you will certainly notice your own breath under the mask. If this becomes excessive, you might consider a mint. Or brushing your teeth.)


Does this sound familiar? You’re shopping in the produce aisle, trying to remember if you’re a fuji or a red delicious apple family when who should appear but your nosy, over-talkative, and gossipy neighbor next to the great potato pyramid? In any other year, it would be virtually impossible to escape without getting into a convo about which HOA board member approved the new yard sculpture down the street. But thanks to your mask, you can browse the lettuces and lemons without fear of being asked to join some kind of committee. You can also go full Kardashian and add a ball cap! You’ll be free to march out of the produce department and into the cereal aisle and no one will be the wiser.

Cold Nose Cozy

Youth sports are a Saturday staple. It’s bad enough you have to get up at 6:00 on a Saturday morning, but when you have to sit in the crisp fall wind and freeze your booty off, the face mask can help save the day and prevent the loss of your nose to hypothermia. Plus, the mouth covering helps muffle your voice when you question the referee’s family history after those horrible calls! So wear your face mask and your boots and enjoy cheering for the thrilling match of 4-year-old soccer.  

With so many uses for the face mask, we may even keep wearing it after the pandemic has ended! And we haven’t even covered some of the exciting new career choices the mask offers. You could become a part-time surgeon or join a chemical spill cleanup crew! 

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  • Bed and crib linens
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  • Diaper bags and backpacks
  • And, yes, your trusty, multi-purpose face mask!

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