How Our Essential Oil Blends Help With Sleep


It’s no surprise that many are losing sleep due to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jobs, school, mental wellness, finances, politics – there is so much to worry about that it’s affecting sleep patterns in both adults and kiddos. Analysts predict sleep supplement sales will increase by over 30.1% this year.  It seems like nobody can rest and lots of people are trying to do something about it.

As moms, we know how important it is to make sure our children are getting enough rest. A fussy, cranky child makes for a fussy, cranky mommy, no matter what age your child is – baby to teenager! That’s why we offer a range of products that use our customized blend of 100% Pure essential oils, diluted appropriately, of course, to help your kiddo sleep tight!

During the summer with its relaxed schedule, it’s easy to fall out of the routine of a regular bedtime. But with school starting, it’s more important than ever to get your child on a consistent, nightly schedule that will help her sleep more soundly. 

In fact, according to the article, "9 Ways To Make A Child’s Bedtime Easy” on the website, Grow by WedMD, "Routine, routine, routine. Kids love it, they thrive on it and it works. One study found that a consistent nighttime routine improved sleep in children who had mild to moderate sleep problems. It helps your child learn to be sleepy, just like reading in bed often puts adults to sleep."

Oilogic’s Sleep products give Mom the tools she needs to help create that nightly routine with our 100% Pure Essential Oil personal care products. Here’s what we do:

1) Bathe with our Essential Oil Vapor Bath and/or Epsom Salt Soak to relax your little one before bed.

2) Next, moisturize with our Calming Cream and apply the Essential Oil Roll-on to her chest, neck, and the bottoms of the feet for a lingering scent of relaxing restful oils.

3) Finally, spritz the linens, bed sheets, pajamas with our Essential Oil Linen Mist, and diffuse our Essential Oil blend in the air.

4) Then it’s time to say, “Night night, little one!”

We also have Essential Oil Roll-ons for Kiddos 2 years+ and Adults 12+ years to help the rest of the family as well. 

Getting your little ones to sleep is important – and often difficult. We can help make your sweet dreams of a sleeping baby come true with our Essential Oil Sleep solutions. 


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