The Perks of Oilogic Parent Perks

We know how hectic it can be raising your mini-me, so we designed a program that’s simple to use and helps you save big. Our products may have been designed with your little ones in mind, but this program is just for you!

Earn Points

Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on your favorite Oilogic products. Plus enjoy bonus points for birthdays, social shares, reviews, and more! We’ve got millions of these points and we are not afraid to share them.

Redeem Rewards

Save them up or spend them, your points are yours to use however you’d like. Redeem points when it’s time to stock up! You can literally redeem your points whenever you’d like. We do not judge.

Enjoy Extra Perks

Parent Perk members enjoy extra surprises throughout the year like double point days, free shipping, and more! See? We told you it pays to be a parent!

Here's how easy it is to earn points

For every $1 spent!

10 points

Follow on Instagram

50 points

Birthday bonus

100 points

Account Creation

200 points